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software for the management of training

Training Management Software:

The PREVISOFT Training Management software enables you to manage all your health and safety at work courses, follow the planning of the sessions, increase the skills of your employees and to steer your overall training plan.

Thanks to PREVISOFT’s training management software, you can :

Manage training centres

Make a list of available training

List training organisations

Use a training tracking tool per employee

Edit your “electronic” credentials

Edit your driving licenses

Monitor training renewals through an alert system

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Modular management by entity

The Previsoft training management software allows you to set up monitoring by work unit, establishment, region, workshop, production site, etc.

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Custom statistics

The interface of the Previsoft solution gives you the opportunity to consolidate your indicators (severity rate, frequency rate, …) by institution or by entity.

An integration service
for your data

Are you currently working on an Excel file? Do you have a lot of data to transfer? Save time by entrusting us with integrating your data into the solution.

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There are many functionalities of the Previsoft training management software.
Here is an overview of the features of your tool

Training Organizations

Create your training organisations

Fill in the contacts of your training organisations

Training list

Create your training list

Link your training to training organisations

Edit your training catalogue

Training follow-up

Summary by training (over a given time, per work unit)

Edit holders (trombinoscope)

Training follow-up by trainees

Summary of the training courses taken by each trainee (training with renewals, deadlines out-of-date renewals, continuous training, training completed by year, all training)

Edit the simplified chemical risk assessment

Training management

Create your training sessions

Manage your training renewals so that your employees are always perfectly up to date with their authorisations

Edit invitations, registration sheets and certificates

Previsional Recycling Schedule

View your upcoming training renewals (sorting parameters: training code, unit of work, trainee, on a given time)

Edit the provisional schedule