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Make occupational risk assessments easier !

The risk assessment software is designed by in-the-field prevention specialists. In just a few clicks, you create a single, clear and complete document, that is easy to update and that will help your health and safety policy. Step by step, Prévisoft helps you to :

Manage the content of the risk assessment document by work unit

Edit and update your action plans

Create a repository specific to your organisation

Rate and prioritise risk assessments

Define the list of hazards and risks

Manage residual risks

Produce performance indicators

Edit job descriptions (danger sheets)

organigramme-logiciel document unique

A solution that fits to
the size of your organisation

Previsoft’s single document software allows you to manage simple organisations as well as the most complex organisations (multi-sites, groups with subsidiaries in France and abroad…)

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A customisable

The interface of the Previsoft solution is customisable. Depending on your priorities, select the indicators you want to follow, by organisation or institution.

An integration service
for your data

Are you currently working on an Excel file? Do you have a lot of data to transfer? Save time by entrusting us with integrating your data into the solution.

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There are many features of Previsoft’s Single Document software.
Here’s a preview of what you can do with this tool.

Create and edit the professional risks specific to your organisation

Create a new occupational risk

Detail the damage related to the risk

Identify existing preventive measures

Associate recommendations

Create your own rating system or use by default the one that Previsoft offers you

Assess initial risk and residual risk after putting in place an action plan

Follow all of your risks with an evaluation grid

Take stock of your risks thanks to a concise grid

View the risks, the associated dangerous situations, recommendations, and initial and residual quotes simply

Filter the risks according to your selection

Customise the display and layout of information of your evaluation grid

Manage the list of your professional risks specific to your organisation

Consult the details of a risk from the occupational risk assessment grid (preventive measures, damage,
recommendations, risk rating)

View your action plan with past and future actions on a timeline

Create and edit your job descriptions

View the details of a job description from the complete list of your job descriptions

Track damage, preventative measures, authorised employees and the work phases associated with the risk

Print your job descriptions to quickly and efficiently display associated risks and safety instructions to respect by each of your employees

Easily publish statistics for your single document

Configure the reports of your choice by selecting the variables you want to study

Personalise your progress indicators of the single document by criticality, by rating, by type of risk, by action plan (cost and year/month)

Produce the progress indicators for your single document for the time scale of your choice