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software for the management of chemical risks

Make chemical risk assessments easier !

Previsoft chemical risk software is an accomplished field tool, designed by prevention specialists and is the fruit of the reflections of its many users. It allows you to enter all the information contained in the material safety data sheet (MSDS), to make an inventory of your chemicals, to integrate this data into the overall risk assessment of your organisation. Step by step, Previsoft helps you to :

Maintain an inventory and evaluate the impact of the chemicals used in your organisation

Manage your obligations according to Directive 67/548/EEC and the CLP Regulation

Easily integrate the results of this evaluation into the single document

Identify the most dangerous carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic and substitutional products

Control the concentration of chemical agents subject to the occupational exposure limit

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Modular management by entity

Previsoft chemical risk software allows you to set up monitoring by work unit, establishment, region, workshop, production site, etc.

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Custom statistics

The interface of the Previsoft solution gives you the opportunity to consolidate your indicators by institution or by entity.

An integration service
for your data

Are you currently working on an Excel file? Do you have a lot of data to transfer? Save time by entrusting us with integrating your data into the solution. n

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There are many functionalities of the Previsoft chemical risk software,
Here is an overview of the features of your tool

List of chemicals

Create the list of your chemicals (database of chemical agents available in the software)

Detail the information for each chemical (manufacturer, supplier, MSDS, R-phrase, S-phrase, H-sentence, P-sentence, EU phrase, pictograms, product code, storage type, ADR class, flash point, vapour pressure,
UN number, occupational disease caused, conduct, PPE, etc…)

Define the work units in which the product is used, and in what quantity

Save and archive SDSs

Edit the labels of your chemicals

Edit concise safety data sheets

Edit the list of products by categories (toxic, harmful, irritant, etc…)

Edit chemical inventory by work unit

Automatically feed your single document and your action plans with your chemical risk assessment

Simplified chemical
risk assessment

Determine the frequency class of the chemical

Automatic calculation of product evaluation score according to risk phrases, pictograms and quantities used

Publish the simplified chemical risk assessment, according to your criteria, by establishment, or for all your establishments

Chemical risk assessment
specific to health (inhalation/cutaneous)

Determine volatility class, process class and class of collective protection or surface area score and frequency of exposure

Automatic calculation of the evaluation score of the product according to the defined classes or scores

Edit the chemical risk assessment for inhalation and cutaneous

Evaluation of chemical
risk specific to fire

Determine the ignition source class

Automatic calculation of product evaluation score according to risk phrases, pictograms and quantities used

Edit the fire risk assessment

Assessment of chemical
risk specific to the environment

Publish environmental impact assessments on water, air and soil

Edit the control lists and your results

Define phases of work

Specify collective protective equipment, the tools used, the fire protection equipment, etc.

Define the mandatory personal protective equipment

Edit your job description