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software for the management of waste

Waste management software: waste disposal documentation, removal order, waste register…

The “Waste Management” module aims to help you put in place sound and reasoned management of your waste.

With PREVISOFT’s waste management software, you can :

Increase the performance of your company by providing statistical monitoring of production, identifying the best disposal pathways, educating and training staff and communicating about your environmental policy

Reduce costs associated with disposal and transportation, storage and sorting, and administrative management

Respond to regulatory requirements through the issuing of transportation documentation, with always up-to-date waste registers and ensuring the traceability of all waste

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Modular management by entity

The Previsoft waste management software allows you to set up a control by work unit, establishment, region, workshop, production site, etc…

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Custom statistics

The interface of the Previsoft solution gives you the opportunity to consolidate your indicators (severity rate, frequency rate, …) by institution or by entity.

An integration service
for your data

Are you currently working on an Excel file? Do you have a lot of data to transfer? Save time by entrusting us with integrating your data into the solution.

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There are many functionalities of the Previsoft waste management software.
Here is an overview of the features of your tool

Annual declaration

Print the records of all your waste, hazardous waste, refuse, etc.

Detail your data on releases into the air

Detail your data on releases into water/volumes of water extracted/ volumes of water discharged

Detail your soil release data

For each hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated in the year validate the evaluation method
(M/C/E) and the analysis method (for M or C) used

Edit the annual declaration


Create a list of your waste

Detail the information for each waste

Edit the labels of your waste


Create your removal records from the information requested on the waste tracking slip

Edit your slip

Order management

Integrate your documentation into orders

Program your orders

Edit orders

View pending removals

Waste Monitoring

Enter the date of acceptance or rejection of the lot

Confirm elimination and validation operations

Enter the date of waste treatment

Confirm the actual amount of waste

Edit the list of removed waste


Detail the cost of transportation, merchant, storage and processing
Edit cost tracking for a given time


Edit your monitoring indicators (cost and volume) by year, by nature, by type of waste, family of waste, origin, etc.