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a software for the analysis of environmental risks

Environmental analysis software

The objective of the “Environmental Analysis” module is to help you analyse the impact of your activity on the environment through different stages.

With the Previsoft “Environmental Analysis” module, you can :

Identify environmental aspects, situations and impacts

Evaluate and prioritise the following aspects: Probability-Frequency/Sensitivity/Severity/Mastery/Regulatory Compliance or Environmental Policy

Edit and update action plans

Generate performance indicators of environmental analysis easily

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Modular management by entity

The environmental analysis software from Previsoft allows you to set a piloting by work unit, establishment, region, workshop, production site, etc…

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Custom statistics

The interface of the Previsoft solution gives you the opportunity to consolidate your indicators (severity rate, frequency rate, …) by institution or by entity.

An integration service
for your data

Are you currently working on an Excel file? Do you have a lot of data to transfer? Save time by entrusting us with integrating your data into the solution.

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There are many functionalities of the Previsoft environmental analysis software.
Here is an overview of the features of your tool

Environmental Analysis

Identify operations

Identify environmental aspects

Identify the situation (normal/abnormal)

Duplicate prevention plans

Identify impacts

Associate photos to this impact

Rate the environmental impact

Define recommendations

Set up an action plan

Rate the residual environmental impact

Edit your environmental scan

Environmental aspects

Manage the list of environmental aspects

Associate a pictogram with environmental aspects

Edit the list of environmental aspects

Work units

Create and manage the list of work units

Assign your employees to work units

Create workstations for work units

Identify the intervention of external companies in the work units


Indicator of environmental analysis by aspect, by unit of work

Indicator by work unit and aspects

Indicator by aspect and work units

Ratings and criticality progress of the environmental analysis