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with a professional “on the ground” risk assessment software, designed by prevention specialists, for health and safety professionals

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500 companies use Previsoft professional risk assessment software

Full web access software

The management of your prevention measures is at your fingertips. Access all of the Previsoft software modules online and setup user profiles at your convenience.

Ergonomic design

Evaluate the risks of your organisation with ease thanks to Previsoft’s intuitive and fun interface. The software’s quick start is the result of 10 years of exchanges with you, the user!

Reporting in a few clicks

Consolidate statistics and reports from all your institutions in a few clicks. At any time, monitor and make a tailor-made assessment of your actions to prevent occupational risks.

An updated regulatory framework

The features of the Previsoft solution integrate current standards and rules. Our consultants are constantly on regulatory watch to maintain the various modules of the software.

Experience a flexible and powerful tool

Edit indicators and statistics in a few clicks

Each module of Previsoft risk management software allows you to edit the required statisticson your level of risk control and the performance of your prevention efforts. The various reports and overviews offered help you communicate effectively with employees, the personnel department, social partners or the competent authorities. Frequency rate and accident severity rate, criticality and risk rating: edit your statistics, whether overall, by entity or by risk.

Perform a methodical analysis of your occupational risks

Identify the risks, assess their criticality and set up an action plan, build a risk assessment grid, share reports… So many actions simplified with the use of Previsoft software, your professional risk management software. Step by step, Previsoft assists you in defining and deploying your prevention actions. This occupational risks assessment software tool is designed to enable you to identify and methodically prevent occupational risks within your company. Discover the overall risk management approach of Previsoft’s professional risk assessment software by asking for a demonstration of the tool.

Browse a custom tool with your company’s structure

Faithfully reproduce your organisation, whatever its level of complexity, within the Previsoft risk assessment software. Create your subsidiaries, your establishments, operate hierarchical groupings according to your organisation (by country, by region, by business division…) and create work units, sub-units, workstations… without depth limit. Previsoft, professional risk management software allows you to assign custom access rights to all levels of the tree.

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